All language is translation.

I am fascinated by the ways we make meaning of our lives.  Language is, paradoxically, one of the most powerful ways we have to define our realities and also so inadequate to express the full complexity of what it means to be humans in this infinite universe.  This blog is intended as a celebration of that paradox.  I write because, through writing, I can feel connected to the larger world.  I came of age through punk rock, zines, and Riot Grrrl, and writing was a way for me, at the age of fifteen, to try to work through the existential crisis I had about if my life would mean anything at all when I am gone.  I still write, but I am also a high school English teacher because, somehow, teaching is a way for me to feel just the tiniest bit immortal and connected.  When I am not teaching or writing, I am a passionate reader.  I also love to cook, study martial arts, play board games, hang out with my sweetie and our kitties, garden, knit, ferment things, watch movies, and more.  I hope this blog is able to become bigger than itself, and I thank you for reading.

Sara Falls


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sara,

    I landed on your web page while I was surfing on the internet.
    Thanks for the outstanding posts.
    I liked reading them.

    I am running the I.A.C – Inscribink Authors’ Circle. We are a developing website with 10K+ followers on Facebook.

    Would you be interested in sharing one of your articles on our website ?

    Or, would you be interested in being one of the writers on our ever developing website project?

    Thanks for considering. Let me know if you have any questions.


    Hawk G.
    Editor, Inscribink


    • Sure. I might be interested in both. I’m a working mother of a 9 month old, so my writing is not as regular as I’d like, but I’m interested in hearing more. What are you looking for? My brief glance at your site suggests that you run articles on all kinds of subjects, but is there something particular you’d be hoping to publish?

      • Hi there again.
        Thanks for the reply.

        Yes, you’re right about our website; anything helpful for humans can be published on our inscribink.com

        Just for an idea below topics are evergreen topics that readers love to read:

        – How to guides,(on any subject)
        – Lifestyle tips,
        – Arts,
        – Food,
        – Health,
        – Fitness,
        – Computers,
        – Internet, and etc.

        But, you are free on what to write.
        You can write on politics, humor, satire, real news, etc.

        We are not publishing regularly.
        Whatever drops into our email box, goes on the line. And sometimes everyday, sometimes every other day we publish a few posts…

        If you check one of the posts on our website, your author info/biography/photo(or any image/logo)/facebook+twitter links will be shared below your posts.

        Let me know if you have any more questions.

        You can either submit your posts on our website (there are “Submit” links; or, you can simply send everything in an email to info@inscribink.com

        Welcome to our growing Inscribink Authors’ Circle…


        Hawk G.

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